About Siemens Healthineers Talent Network

Siemens Healthineers Talent Network is an online application where potential job seekers can join and access current and future temporary/contract jobs with Siemens Healthineers. part of the contingent/temp workforce program. Current Employees, Contractors and Alumni’s can join this network to refer potential talent to open jobs.

Yes. This particular application is specific to temporary/contract opportunities which are actively managed under the Siemens Healthineers contingent workforce program.

Employee / Contractor

As a active Employee / Contractor, you can join the Talent Network to get notified for new temp jobs to refer any potential talent in your personal and professional network.

Job Seeker

You are not going to be directly employed as an W2 Employee with Siemens Healthineers. As a contractor, you will be payrolled by the payroll service partner of Siemens Healthineers as their Employer of Record. You will be a W2 Employee of the payroll provider, which in this case is “Compunnel Inc”. Compunnel already has a relationship and agreement with the Siemens Healthineers to manage all the payrolled contract workforce.

Full-time roles are listed outside of this application and you can find them on Siemens Healthineers’s corporate website careers section.

Job seeker

You have two options, You can review the current open roles on this link https://siemenshealthineerswillhire.co/jobs and apply for any specific jobs that you are interested and seem fit. If you do not find any specific open roles suitable, you can still join the Talent Network so that you can get notified for new jobs matching your profile & skills as soon as they open. Join Siemens Healthineers Talent Network

Login Issues

In this link https://siemenshealthineerswillhire.co , you will find a button “Login” on the top left corner. Clicking on this button will open a popup with a link “Forgot Password?” below the form. Clicking on this link should give you an option to enter your Email address that you registered with. This will generate an email with instructions on how to reset your password.

Payroll / Employer of Record

Compunnel is a 25 year old talent solution provider which helps large enterpises with contigent labor, direct hire, RPO and payroll services. Compunnel has 2500+ employees they payroll and is known for their best employee/contract experience. They have industry standard benefits, a great employee support team along with their chatbot for faster service. They are leaders in this space and are recognized by Staffing Industry Analysts as Top 100 Staffing Companies.

As a W2 employee of the payroll provider, in this case its Compunnel, you will have access to all the standard employee benefits offered by Compunnel. The details of the benefits can be acquired reaching hr@compunnel.com


Yes. When a your potential referral get hired and completes the employment duration as per the referral program terms of Siemens Healthineers, you will be notified about the referral bonus to be claimed. Referral bonuses will be processed by “Compunnel, Inc” when they are due. The amount of referral bonus depends on referral program designed by Siemens Healthineers.

Yes. The same terms of referral program is applicable to all the members of Talent Network. If you are an external, “Compunnel, Inc”, will notify you and process your referral bonus when it is due.

There are two primary ways to refer people into Talent Network

Browse Jobs & Refer: You an review the open jobs here https://siemenshealthineerswillhire.co/jobs and click the “Refer” button to submit the details of your contact with their email address. The application will notify your contact and keep you in loop when your referral applies for the job all the way through when they get hired.

Share & Earn: When you are logged into the application on each job, you will find icons of Social Media (Google, Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook). Clicking any of these icons, will let you share the job link to your social network. This link is already accomodated with a unique token corresponding to your account. We track anyone who applies with this link as your inbound referral and notifiy on the progress.

Invite your network: When you are logged into the application, you will find “Referral Reward” option on the left side menu, clicking on it will give you an option to invite anyone from your network using their email address. We made it super easy to import your contacts from address book on Google, Outlook, Yahoo and several other providers listed on this screen. After you invite and your contacts, they join the network, when these contacts get hired successfully, you will be kept in loop. For the first time they hired, they are considered as your inbound referral.

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